Since 70% — 80% of all jobs are never advertised, it is up to you to make that door of opportunity open to you. As the saying goes — “success is when opportunity meets preparation.”



  • For those getting started — Try out different networking events related to your degree or…

A guide to optimising your learning at university

by Cynthia Huynh

Your WAM (Weighted Average Mark) is a result out of 100 based on all the units you’ve taken. …

We always talk about the importance of stepping outside of our comfort zone, but rarely, do we end up taking the plunge and delve into the deep end of the unknown. …

It’s funny how we procrastinate by reading articles and watching videos (which are abundant) on how to be more productive. This article intends to help with just that.

by Cynthia Huynh

Tip 1: Morning Routines

Your workflow begins the very moment you wake up and an unproductive start to the…

Even though 2020 is a year that has pushed human limits to new heights, it was a busy year here at Real Skills, with this article serving as a recap of our 2020 achievements.

By Aziza Mumin

With 2020 coming to an end, Real Skills reflects on our major milestones…

You’ve got the role, but how can you make sure it doesn’t go to waste? Here are 5 ways you can capitalise on your summer vacationer program.

by Cynthia Huynh

With summer vacationer programs, there’s a lot of advice on how to improve your application and make yourself stand out…

Effective and resilient leadership is required during times of disruption to ensure that organisations are able to withstand challenges and emerge stronger.

By Aziza Mumin

The pandemic has confronted leaders with unexpected challenges filled with uncertainty. We’ve seen organisations struggle to maintain continuity, stakeholders and employees, however, it is those…

The amount of success you want to achieve is attainable through the amount of failures that you are willing to endure.

by Cynthia Huynh

Amidst continuous but necessary failure, it is not uncommon that students perceive their version of success as impossible. University students face a plethora of challenges as…

Case competitions are designed to challenge your problem solving skills, therefore following a set guideline can help you get closer to a podium finish.

By Truc Luong

Case competitions provide students the opportunity to utilise the technical knowledge learnt in the classroom to solve real world challenges. At the same…

Choosing how to reach success and what you will do with it will determine that kind of professional and person you become.

By Juwin Lee

Students face an array of challenges during their studies at university from choosing subjects in their course to honing particular skills they value for their…

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