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  • Daniel Ding

    Daniel Ding

    Head of Community and Product Manager at Perlin

  • Natasha Jenny

    Natasha Jenny

    an avid reader with a passion for technology and businesses :)

  • Joanna He

    Joanna He

  • Viintii Vasundhra Aggarwal

    Viintii Vasundhra Aggarwal

  • Kevin Lim

    Kevin Lim

    Writer, Thinker, Student, Gym Enthusiast. Currently studying Software Engineering/Commerce at University of New South Wales. Always learning and thinking.

  • Juwin Lee

    Juwin Lee

  • Samir Md Mustavi

    Samir Md Mustavi

    Undergraduate ITS Engineer @ Aurecon | People Exec. @ RSE | Final Year Mechatronics Eng. & Maths Student @ UNSW |

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