Productivity: A Guide to Optimising Your Workflow

  • Avoid social media: Five minutes always turns into twenty and one more video usually means seven mores. Even if you stick to your limit, you can get distracted by a post you had seen earlier.
  • Avoid carbs: For most, carbs like rice, pasta and bread will give you a food coma and wanting to take a nap in the morning is a no for productivity.
  • Go Aeroplane Mode: Notifications are proven to induce stress and our immediate response to check our phone stems from the need to feel secure. Consider alternatives that can help you unwind such as yoga, meditation, listening to a podcast or a ted talk.
  • Plan out your day or week using apps like google calendar, notions or excel.
  • Be realistic and avoid scheduling a day that requires you to work 5 hours straight as off putting schedules can lead to nothing being done.
  • Anxiety: Schedules are a must if a certain task stresses you out. Break each task into smaller tasks and tick them off as an accomplishment once it’s done — if sitting at your desk is a task then so be it. The hardest part is to start doing the task, however, once you build momentum, you are more likely to keep the streak going.
  • Disinterest: If you’re putting something off because you find it boring, ask yourself why it is important to get it done now. Once you’ve outlined how a mundane task will benefit you or allow yourself a reward upon completion you are more likely to carry the task out.
  • This study method requires working for 25 minutes followed by a 5 minute break and repeats 4 to 5 times where you have a longer break of 30 minutes. A study concluded that having shorter breaks helps you stay focus. Hence, this can be highly effective for those who have a short-attention span and can help them build a productive momentum.



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